Plastic and food products, two opposite worlds that meet each other!

Gamma Plastic has always been attentive to it’s environmental impact. All materials used are 100% recyclable. Through continuous research on the materials, our products are becoming lighter and lighter. More can be stored in one pallet, thus reducing the amount of vehicles needed, as well as reducing the discharge of hydrocarbons into the environment and the logistical costs.

In 2000, the company was one of the first in Italy to produce a type of oxo-degradable plastic package to reduce the environmental impact of plastic and to anticipate what now is called the “green lifestyle”.

With the later introduction to the market of bioplastics, Gamma Plastic was able to create its owncompostable film with excellent technical characteristics and high performances in the automatic lines.

The building was planned in the pursuit of eco-sustainability: artificial light is partially or completely unused in some time slots, because the sunlight comes directly into the building; the production area is heated by the machinery’s heat, thus reducing the usage of artificial energy sources, and the latest generation machinery used in the factory has regenerating motors that produce the electricity needed for their own functioning.