Gamma Plastic provides the best creative, graphic and technical support thanks to our twenty-year experience in marketing research and in product images. The company offers a high-quality brand profile service by cooperating with the most important Italian and European graphic studios.


  • Technical support for the creation of new graphics
  • Conception of new corporate brands
  • Marketing research on the product


Our materials are produced by technologically advanced coextrusion machinery, that is able to fulfil all the technical and application needs for the automated packaging of fruits and vegetables.

  • Multi-layer film (COEX)
  • Thickness range from 14 to 100 micron
  • Customisable technical film characteristics depending on each fruit or vegetable (gloss and mechanical resistance)
  • Compostable and oxo-degradable film production


High definition flexographic printing up to 8 colours. Just-in-time flexibility production to meet the market needs.

  • High precision and graphic quality
  • Possibility of creating small production batches
  • Best optimisation of changing work times
  • Certified quality control system  throughout the printing process


Gamma Plastic has an internal laboratory for studying the technical characteristics of the different types of film to reproduce the mechanical performances and improve the performances.

  • COF TEST (Coefficient of Friction Test)
  • ELMENDORF TEST (Tear resistance test)
  • ELMENDORF TEST (Perforation resistance test)
  • DSC + IR (Differential scanning calorimetry + infrared)
  • HOT TACK + SEAL TEST (Product seal strength)


The packaging department has different film processing lines and is able to fulfill any client’s needs.:

  • Production of bags and bags in rolls for automated machinery
  • Wicket bags or manual bags for automated machinery
  • Macro-perforated films for Horizontal Flow Pack wrappers (HFFS) and Vertical Flow Pack wrappers (VFFS)
  • Printed sealable and peelable films for trays