The Company

imballaggi gamma plastic


Our company was born from a previous one, which was already producing wrapping tissue packages for fruits and vegetables in the 60s. Gamma Plastic has been producing flexible packages for fruits and vegetables for two generations.


The revolutionary arrival of plastic around the 70s in this sector started the evolution of our company. Before it was a little local and national operator, almost completely oriented to the Italian market, then it turned into a company open to the European market, at the forefront in the production of plastic bags and films.

Nowadays Gamma Plastic is located in a new building in Limena (Padua), a strategic logistic hub for both Italian and international markets, and it has a highly specialized and constantly increasing staff. The high-tech production lines, the know-how and the continuous investments in research on new technical materials allow the company to play a leadership role in the national and international market sector.

imballaggi gamma plastic


Gamma Plastic is a prominent company and we are sensitive to the ever-varying needs of a sector that is in constant evolution. We express our attention to the client through constant research on new products and regular improvements to our processing methods.


Gamma Plastic’s main objectives are to produce goods to the highest specifications as well as to provide good service, flexibility, customer satisfaction, to stay up to date with the continuously updating regulations on food business materials and last but not least, attention to the environment.


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A wide range of flexible packages for fruits and vegetables that meet the requirements of a more and more varied and technically demanding market. By studying the complex and continuous transformations of plastic, the company is able to create new materials thanks to our internal laboratory. This permits the creation of safer, more resistant, eco-sustainable and technologically innovative packages.


The company works mainly outside Italy and is especially important in Northern Europe, where packaging plays an essential and crucial role in trade.